Executive & Professional Leadership Websites

http://www.amazon.com/ ; Resources for Leadership

http://www.americanminute.com/ ; What happened today in American History?

http://www.bguides.com/ ;  bguides.com is your free resource for straightforward business guides and tools that focus on the fundamental issues that face business leaders.  The purpose of each bguide is to help leaders and professionals stay on top of what's most important to their business and guide them to action.

http://www.birkman.com/ ; the industry-leading business tool that facilitates individual growth, corporate change, and organizational effectiveness

http:///www.bobpikegroup.com ; Business Results through Learning

http://www.change-leaders.com  ;  Leadership Coaching for the demanding executives who requires a personal Leadership Coach

http://www.fourthturning.com/ ; What cycles of history trell us about America's next rendezvous with destiny

http://www.leadershipnow.com/ ; Building a Community of Leaders

http://www.onelook.com/ ; Dictionary Search

http://www.questia.com/ ; the world's largest online library

http://www.roiinstituteonline.com/ ;   a step-by-step system for program evaluation that includes planning, data collection, data analysis and reporting.  This dynamic online series helps you justify business decisions by measuring return on human capital

http://www.search-famous-quotations.com/ ; Every famous quotation you will ever want to know - on this site 

http://www.secondchairleaders.com/ ; Community. Resources. Encouragement

http://www.secretsofsuccess.com/ ; Personal Success Stories

http://www.thinkarete.com/ ; to distill the wisdom of the world's great thinkers and help people define their own philosophy that works for their 21st century lives.

http://www.thequoteboard.com/ ; Quotes, quotes and more quotes 

http://www.wisdomquotes.com/ ; Quotes to inspire and challenge

http://en.wikipedia.org/ ; the free Encylopedia that anyone can edit

http://www.worldofquotes.com/ ; Historic quotes and Proverbs Archive

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