Ministry Leadership Books

Adrianisms:The Wit and Wisdom of Adrian Rogers (2006) by Adrian Rogers

A Fish Out of Water: 9 Strategies to Maximze Your God Given Potential  (2006) by George Barna

A Tender Warrior: God's Intentions for a Man  (1999) by Stu Weber

A Work of Heart : Understanding How God Shapes Spiritual Leaders  (2000)
by Reggie McNeal 

Anointed Expository Preaching  (1998) by Stephen Olford

The Ascent of a Leader: How Ordinary Relationships Develop Extraordinary Character and Influence  (1999) by Bill Thrall, Bruce McNicol, and Ken McElrath

Attitude 101: What Every Leader Needs to Know  (2003) by John C. Maxwell 

Basic Christian Leadership: Biblical Models of Church, Gospel and Ministry  (2002) by John R.W. Stott

Be All You Can Be: A Challenge to Stretch to Your God-Given Potential   (2002) by John C. Maxwell

Becoming A Person of Influence: How to Positively Impact the Lives of Others  (2006) by John Maxwell and Jim Dornan

Being Leaders: The Nature of Authentic Christian Leadership  (2003) by Aubrey Malphurs

Biblicial Leadership: The Fifth Frame: A Model of Leadership for Every Christian  (2006) by Tony Metze

Boiling Point: It Only Takes One Degree  (2001) by George Barna and Mark Hatch

The Book On Leadership  (2006) by John MacArthur

Brothers, We Are Not Professionals  (2002) by John Piper

Building Effective Lay Leadership Teams  (2001) by George Barna

Building Leaders: Blueprints for Developing Leadership at Every Level of Your Church (2002) by Aubrey Malphurs, Will Mancini             

Celebration of Discipline  (1998) by Richard Foster

The Choice is Yours (2005) by John C. Maxwell

Christian Reflections on the Leadership Challenge  (2006) by John C. Maxwell, James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner

The Cost of Discipleship  (2001) by Dietrich Bonhoffer

Co-Leaders: The Power of Great Partnerships  (1999) by David Heenan and Warren Bennis

Courageous Leadership  (2002) by Bill Hybels

The Creative Leader: Unleashing the Power of Your Creative Potential  (2006) by Ed Young, Jr.

Criswell's Guidebook for Pastors  (2000) by W.A. Criswell

Dare to Dream ... Then Do It:  What Successful People Know and Do  (2006)  by John C. Maxwell

Developing A Dynamic Mission for Your Ministry  (1998) by Aubrey Malphurs

Developing a Vision for Ministry in the 21st Century  (1999) by Aubrey Malphurs

Developing the Leaders Around You : How to Help Others Reach Their Full Potential  (2003) by John Maxwell

Developing the Leader Within You  (2005) by John Maxwell

Disciples Are Made Not Born  (2002) by Walter A. Henrichsen

The Disciple-Making Church (1998) by Bill Hull

The Disciplines of a Godly Man  (2006) by R. Kent Hughes

The Difference Maker: Making Your Attitude Your Greatest Asset  (2006) by John C. Maxwell

Doing Church as a Team  (2005) by Wayne Cordeio

The Dynamics of Church Leadership (Ministry Dynamics for a New Century) (1999) by Aubrey Malphurs

E.M. Bounds on Prayer (1997) by E.M. Bounds

The 17 Essential Qualities of a Team Player: Becoming the Kind of Person Every Team Wants  (2006)  by John Maxwell

Evangelism That Works: How to Reach Changing Generations with the Unchanging Gospel  (1995) by George Barna

Every Pastor Needs A Pastor  (1977) by Louis McBurney

Failing Forward: How to Make the Most of Your Mistakes  (2000) by John Maxwell

50 Famous Americans  (1991) by Orville Webster III

Feeding and Leading: Practical Handbook on Adminstration in Churches and Christian Organizations  (2000) by Kenneth O. Gangel

The Frog in the Kettle  (1990) by George Barna

The Future of the American Family  (1993) by George Barna

Generation Next: What You Need to Know About Today's Youth  (1996) by George Barna

Good Book On Leadership: Case Studies From the Bible  (2005) by John Borek, Danny Lovett, and Elmer L. Towns

The Greatest Salesman in the World  (2001) by Og Mandino  

Growing Spiritual Redwoods  (1997) by William M. Easum and Thomas G. Bandy

Growing True Disciples: New Strategies for Producing Genuine Followers of Christ  (2001) by George Barna

The 21 Indispensable Qualities of A Leader:  Becoming the Person Others Will Want to Follow  (1999) by John C. Maxwell

The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork: Embrace Them and Empower Your Team  (2001)  by John C. Maxwell

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership  (1999) by John C. Maxwell and Zig Ziglar

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, Workbook  (2002) by John C. Maxwell

It's Just a Thought ... but It Could Change Your Life: Life's Little Lessons on Leadership  (1997) by John C. Maxwell

The Interventionist  (2006) by Lyle Schaller

Jesus on Leadership  (1998) by Gene C. Wilkes

The Journey from Success to Significance: Every Leader's Quest  (2004) by John C. Maxwell

Just Like Jesus  (2003)  by Max Lucado

Keeping Life in Perspective: Sharpening Your Sense of What's Important  (1996) by Jim Henry

Keys to Becoming an Effective Associate Minister & Church Leader  (2004) by David Hopewell

Lead Like Jesus: Lessons from the Greatest Leadership Role Model of All Time  (2007)  by Ken Blanchard and Phil Hodges

Leaders on Leadership: Wisdom, Advice, and Encouragement on the Art of Leading God's People (The Leading Edge Series)  (1997) by George Barna

Leadership 101: What Every Leader Needs to Know  (2002) by John C. Maxwell



Leadership Promises for Everyday  (2003) by John C. Maxwell
Leading Change (1996) by John P. Kotter

Letters to Timothy : A Handbook for Pastors  (2001) by John R. Bisagno

Love Worth Finding.  The Life of Adrian Rogers and His Philosophy of Preaching  (2005 ) by Joyce Rogers 

Make Yours A Winning Team Effective Moral Leaderhip That Empowers You and Others  (2004) by John C. Maxwell

Ministry Nuts and Bolts  (1998) by Aubrey Malphurs

Moral Earthquakes and Secret Faults: Protecting Yourself From Minor Moral Laspes That Lead to Major Disaster (1996) by O.S. Hawkins

Passion Driven Sermon: Changing the Way Pastors Preach and Congregations Listen (2003) by Jim Shaddix

Passion for Prayer, Experiencing Intimacy with God  (2001) by Tom Eliff

The Power of the Call  (1997) by Henry Blackby and Henry Brandt

The Power of Influence (2001) by John C. Maxwell

The Power of One: One Person, One Rule, One Month (2004) by John C. Maxwell

The Power of Team Leadership: Achieving Success Through Shared Responsibility  (2001) by George Barna

The Power of Vision (2003) by George Barna

Practicing Gospel: Unconventional Thoughts on the Church's Minstry (2003) by Edward Farley

Practicing Greatness: 7 Disciplines of Extraordinary Spiritual Leaders   (2006) by Reggie McNeal

Practicing Servant Leadership: Succeeding Through Bravery, Trust, and Forgiveness (2004) by Larry C. Spears and Michelle Lawrence

Purpose Driven LifeWhat On Earth Am I Here For?  (2002) by Rick Warren

The Pursuit of God  (1982) by A.W. Tozer

Re-Churching the Unchurched (2000) by George Barna

Relationships 101 (2004) by John C. Maxwell

Revolution (2005) by George Barna

Revolution in Leadership: Training Apostles for Tomorrow's Church (Ministry for the Third Millennium)  (1998) by Reggie McNeal

The Right to Lead (2001) by John C. Maxwell

Running with the Giants: What the Old Testament Heroes Want You to Know About Life and Leadership  (2002) by John C. Maxwell

Man's Search for Meaning  (1997) by Viktor E. Frankl

The Second Coming of the Church  (2001) by George Barna

The Secret: What Great Leaders Know and Do (2007) by Ken H. Blanchard, Mark Miller, John C. Maxwell

The Seven Laws of Christian Leadership: How to Inspire People to Follow When You Are Called to Lead  (1991) by David L. Hocking

The Servant's Guide to Leadership: Beyond First Principles  (2001) by Richard Rardin 

Servant Leader (2003) by Ken H. Blanchard

Shepherdology: A Master Plan For Church Leadership  (1989)by John MacArthur

Simple Church: Returning to God's Process for Making Disciples  (2006) by Thom Rainer and Eric Geiger

SoulTsunami (2001) by Leonard Sweet

Spiritual Leadership: Moving People to God's Agenda  (2001) by Henry T. Blackby, Richard Backaby 

Spiritual Leadership: Committment to Spiritual Growth (1994)  by J. Oswell Sanders

Stewards of God's Mysteries: Priestly Spirituality in a Changing Church (2004) by Paul J. Philibert, Melvin Blanchette, and Daniel E. Danielson  

Success One Day At A Time (2000) by John C. Maxwell

Summoned to Lead  (2004) by Leonard Sweet

Supervision: Developing and Directing People on Mission  (1994) by Doran C. McCarty

Surprising Insights From the Unchurched and Proven Ways to Reach Them  (2001) by Thom S. Rainer

Spurgeon on Leadership: Key Insights for Christian Leaders from the Prince of Preachers  (2003) by Larry J. Michael

Tally Ho the Fox.  The Foundation for Building World -Visionary, World -Impacting, Reproducing Disciples  (2001) by Herb Hodges 

Temporary Shepherds: A Congregational Guidelines for Interim Ministry  (1998) by Roger S. Nicholson (Editor)

Thinking for a Change: 11 Ways Highly Successful People Approach Life and Work  (2003) by John C. Maxwell

Think Like Jesus: Make the Right Decision Every Time (2003) by George Barna

The 360 Degree Leader: Developing Your Influence From Anywhere in the Organization (2006) by John C. Maxwell

Time Crunch: Mastering Ministry (1993) by Greg Simakoupoulos, John C. Maxwell, and Steve McKinley

Today Matters: 12 Daily Practices to Guarantee Tomorrow Success (2004) by John C. Maxwell

Today's Pastors: A Revealing Look at What Pastors Are Saying About Themselves, Their Peers and the Pressures They Face (1993) by George Barna

Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make  (2004) by Hanzel Finzel

Values Driven Leadership: Discovering and Developing Your Core Values for Ministry (2004) by Aubrey Malphurs

Visioneering: God's Blueprint for Developing and Maintaining Personal Vision  (2005) by Andy Stanley

Vital Signs: Emerging Social Trends and the Future of American Christianity (1984) by George Barna and William Paul McKay

Virtual America: What Every Church Leader Needs to Know About Ministering in a Age of Spiritual and Technogical Revolution  (1994) by George Barna

25 Ways to Win with People: How to Make Others Feel Like a Million Bucks  (2005) by John C. Maxwell and Les Parrott

What the Bible Says About Healthy Living : Three Biblical Principles That will Change Your Diet and Improve Your Health (1996) by Rex Russell

The Winning Attitude: Your Pathway to Personal Success  (1996) by John C. Maxwell

Winning With People: Discover the People Principles that Work for You Every Time  (2007) by John C. Maxwell

The Wisdom of Teams: Creating the High-Performance Organization  (2003) by Jon Katzenbach and Douglas Smith

The Work of Teams (1998) by Jon Katzenbach 

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